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You Can Sell Tickets. You Can Also Fundraise For A Cause Whether You Are An Individual, Group, Or Organization...

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Fast, free, and safe

Step 1: Setting up an account is free, quick and easy. click here to create your self an account or click here if you already have an account

Step 2: Fill in your details, these include your first and last name, your phone number, your email, country, company and lastly your password

Step 3: Second Last you will be prompted to log in with the credentials you created above. Once logged in you will automatically have gained access to the backend dashboard with the following features.

Step 4: Lastly, you will proceed to create your event, music or fundraise for a cause under the menu and start selling tickets, music, and fundraise for your causes

Dashboard features

  • Smart Scanning: Organizers can validate tickets using our TICTEQ SCANNER. It allows you to quickly validate tickets at the door by simply scanning the Ticket Codes on the tickets sent through SMS.
  • View Sales: The system allows you to view real-time sales related to your events
  • Cross Platform: When an event is created a unique URL is assigned to the event which can be used for sharing on your social platforms to have tickets available for purchase
  • Withdraw Money: The system allows withdrawing money collected from all your products any time to either your bank or mobile money
  • Setup & Integration: Sign up today at no cost, start using our tools right away.
  • Create Events: Organizers can create their events inside the dashboard for free at any time of convenience either on mobile or desktop
  • Create Music: Organizers can create there own music inside the dashboard for free at any time of convenience either on mobile or desktop and start selling online in less than five minutes
  • Invite Users: Don't remain will all the work alone, invite users to help you in most of the tasks like monitoring, event creation, and management, creating and managing agents, e.t.c
  • Connect to your social pages/website: By a click of a button, the system will provide with a quick embed code which you can embed on your website and sell tickets on your website
  • Keep Records: With TICTEQ you can maintain a record of your clients that you can then engage with future events or reactivate for your next event through SMS
  • Guest Codes: Create Guest codes that can be used in different promotion campaigns or set them for partners
  • Multiple assets: The system allows to create multiple assets at the same time and manage them differently under one account, theae include music, events and causes
  • Monthly Access: No contracts and no fees for using our service, just transaction fees
  • Embed Events Organizers are able to embed events to there personal/organization websites and sell tickets straight from there websites.
  • Create Causes: Organizers are able to create their own causes and create a crowdfunding portal inside the dashboard for free at any time of convenience either on mobile or desktop

Fundraising categories

Medical fundraising: With Ticteq you can fundraise money for medical bills with ease, you can get help from breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, surgery, Leukemia, and much other health and complicated issues

Education fundraising: With Ticteq you can fundraise money for your education with ease, you can collect funds for College Tuition, computer, school requirements, studying abroad and so many education inputs

Nonprofit fundraising: With Ticteq you can utilize our free fundraising for nonprofits, for different causes including water, education, food, health, communities, and so many other causes

Tickets Door Management, Pricing and terms

Door Management: Ticteq provides you with options for managing your event entry points. Organizers Create agents and assign them to an event who later scan tickets at the door. The service is freely available for usage at TICTEQ SCANNER. .

If you'd like somebody from TICTEQ to coach your door team we will send somebody to coach and supervise your team for the period of the event at a fee of UGX100,000/=. If you'd like our trained TICTEQ agents to validate tickets for your event. These agents charge a fee of UGX100,000/= each for the period of the event and one agent will validate two hundred tickets per hour

Pricing: TICTEQ is completely free to set up and start using, however, we charge an 8% service charge to the end-user on all successful transactions made through the system.

Account Suspension: If we notice any suspicious activity on your account we have the liberty to suspend your account. You will be notified of any such course of action via the registered and confirmed email address on your account. For more information visit ORGANISER TERMS

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