About Ticteq


Ticteq.com is a system that helps fans purchase live entertainment tickets online at www.ticteq.com or offline using free USSD code *217*233# starting from Sports, Theatre shows, Music concerts, Cinemas, Comedy shows, Festivals, Award ceremonies. Our goal is to offer these services in a way that makes the fun of a live event start with the purchase process, not just when you arrive at the venue. Ticteq is an Online Ticketing system that houses customers and Organisers in one place.

Services Ticteq offers to the user


1. Subscribed users will be notified of all new and upcoming events via their email address.

2. User pays for their tickets using either Mobile Money or Visa with ease and convenience.

3. The user obtains his/her Ticket via SMS within 5 seconds. This SMS contains a link to his/her Ticket.

4. With no registration at the website, it makes it very easy, fast, and convenient for a user to purchase his/her ticket, and obtains it as an SMS on his/her phone.

5. Our tickets are delivered in the form of SMS with a link to a QR code for scanniing. This is so convenient to every user even those without smartphones and in case one uses our USSD there is no need for internet connection

Services Ticteq offers to Organizers


1. You can save money for printing (paper tickets) and provide your customers with online tickets or use our free USSD (*217*233#). Our USSD gateway is fast, easy, and convenient for every person.

2. No contracts and no fees for using our service, just transaction fees incurred while transferring your ticket money to your accounts

3. We carry out sponsored ads on google and facebook for all the events created on our platform.

4. You will have access to the information of all your customers receiving tickets and invite them to your next events.

5. Through reports you can instantly see how much of you are selling, basically through our organizer dashboard

6. Get rid of losses incurred in the paper system and monitor your earning in real time, view purchase history, earning on your dashboard.

7. Withdraw your funds from our dashboard to either your mobile money account or bank account.

8. With the use of scanner, you will be able to scan client tickets at the the door for ticket validation.

Concert Tickets


There’s nothing quite like the live concert experience. Today's music scene is packed with artists who have revolutionized long-established genres, and nothing showcases the talent of these singer-songwriters/composers/musicians better than seeing them live. Experience the world's best artists or up-and-coming musicians live; grab your concert tickets at Ticteq

Year after year, artists produce, record and unleash their work in the ever-evolving music scene, and that they commence concert tours to support their newest releases and share their music with fans around the world. in spite of what genre you are a fan of — pop, rock, hip-hop, classical, blues, jazz, R&B, rap or world music — there are artists taking to stages all across the planet tonight. expertise the world's best artists or gumptious musicians live.

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