Sanyu babies home

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The Sanyu Orphanage in Kampala, Uganda collects abandoned babies, many of whom are left among piles of garbage, latrines, ditches, parking lots or even in the hospital. Their age varies from a few hours after birth to two years.

Many of these babies are from unwanted pregnancies by young girls and adolescents who have been abused and raped.

Sanyu Babies Home is a refuge for these little abandoned beings. The Orphanage has existed since 1929. Sanyu takes care of 50 children. Babies who end up in Sanyu Babies'Home care need food, health care, clean water, educational opportunities, and a stable environment.""""

Covid-19 solidarity response fund for moh

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We are all affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. It's an unprecedented health challenge and The world has never faced a crisis like COVID-19. The pandemic is impacting communities everywhere. It s never been more urgent to support the global response, led by the Ministry Of Health (MOH).

Donations support MOH s work, including with partners, to track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers to get essential supplies and information, and to accelerate research and development of a vaccine and treatments for all who need them.

Some donations also support Fund partners UNICEF, for its work on COVID-19 among vulnerable communities including children, and the vaccine development alliance CEPI.""""